Marketing for the digital age

We’ll make you a local celebrity, GUARANTEED

A passion for creating celebrities

Our suite of tools has helped many professionals from different industries become a house-hold name in their field. These tools include:

Social Media Content Generation

We’ll create images and videos for your social media feed in all 3 aspect ratios as both images and videos for the highest chance of conversion

AI Avatar Generation

We’ll design a custom AI avatar of you, so you never have to stand in front of a camera ever again

Auto Editing

Our AI Video tool will take any landscape video and convert it into portrait and square videos, with subtitles, emojis, and sound effects

Paid Ads

We’ll use our knowledge and tools to run paid ads for you on Meta and Tiktok to promote your brand, services and products


After your content is created, we’ll generate highly converting copy for each of your posts, schedule them, and post them on autopilot

Brand Strategy

Our team will work with you to design your all-in-one branding kit so your content conforms to a single style and looks great

A creative space of endless possibilities

With different templates to choose from, you’ll never run out of designs to create content with

Bulk Create in Second

Our realtor clients are using SAI to bulk generate listing videos and images with a single click of a button.

The average realtor will take 20 minutes in Canva to generate one video. Our realtors are spending about 5 minutes to generate 20 unique videos AND images without having to be a design expert

Become the Industry Expert

It takes year to become a person of influence, but with our tools, you can make that happen in a matter of months. Show your customers why they should listen, learn and transact with you by educating and providing them with value 2-3x a day

“Sakoni Marketing has saved us thousands of hours of work and has unlocked insights we never thought possible.”

Annie Steiner

CEO, Greenprint

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